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Safety Training. BOSH Training. Safety Officer Training Center

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Safety Training. BOSH Training. Safety Officer Training Center
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Safety Training. COSH Training. Safety Officer Training Center
Click this for a complete list and details of DOLE Accredited Safety Officer Trainings - BOSH, COSH, LCM - and other trainings.
Synerquest is a DOLE Accredited Safety Training Organization with Accreditation No. 1030-011713-0060.

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You are looking for a BOSH training. You want to undergo for a safety officer training, a DOLE safety officer training, or safety engineering training in a safety officer training center. You are in the right ads because Synerquest is a  DOLE accredited safety training organization – referred by other people as DOLE accredited safety training center to provide you 40 hours DOLE BOSH training. The BOSH training schedule is a DOLE safety training schedules since DOLE is well-informed about it. This safety officer training in Manila is held on a regular basis where Synerquest uses 2 venues, BOSH Seminar Paranaque and BOSH Seminar UP Diliman. BOSH training stands for Basic Occupational Safety and Health training. This is a safety officer training course.  Our module also meets the BOSH training for nurses as required by employers in various industry, local and abroad. This Basic Occupational Safety and Health bosh training for nurses has been sought after by many registered nurse or RN.

Construction Safety Training training course is another prescribed training by DOLE which we also provide. It is called COSH Training.
Click this for a complete list and details of DOLE Accredited Safety Trainings - BOSH, COSH, LCM - and other trainings.

Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training. BOSH Training
DOLE Accredited and Prescribed Safety Training. Safety Officer Training Course
BOSH is the safety training for you if you are NOT in the Construction Industry, Business, or Company. BOSH training is for you If you are in the manufacturing, health care, service, military, food, clothing, BPO, academe, trading, consultancy, hospital, retail, factory, transport, communication, ....NON-CONSTRUCTION. Some overseas employers and companies require BOSH training. Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training BOSH

How do you register for your BOSH Training?

  • What schedule do you prefer, Monday to Friday or 5 Saturdays?
  • Check the BOSH Training Schedule below.
  • Download, fill-up, and email Your Registration Form to reserve a slot/s.
  • Pay Your Registration Fee either by bank deposit or on or before the training schedule.

New! Walang Hassle Quick Registration. Register Now by Texting
Ito ang format ng pagreregister by texting. Text this to 0917-5447717  0918-9464623  0922-8111817
BOSH. Pangalan ng Company o Per. Pangalan ng Participant. Date ng Training na aatenan. MonFri o 5Sat. Residential Location. Email Address

  • If company sponsored and attending Monday to Friday Schedule.
    • BOSH. ABC Company. Juan dela Cruz. July 22-26. MonFri. Valenzuela City.
  • If personally paying and attending Monday to Friday Schedule
    • BOSH. Per. Juan dela Cruz. July 22-26. MonFri. Valenzuela City.
  • If company sponsored and attending 5-Saturday Schedule.
    • BOSH. ABC Company. Juan dela Cruz. Aug17-Sep14. 5Sat. Valenzuela City.
  • If personally paying and attending 5-Saturday Schedule
    • BOSH. ABC Company. Juan dela Cruz. Aug17-Sep14. 5Sat. Valenzuela City.

Simply... (1) Decide if weekdays or weekends. (2) Select from the schedule available. (3) Email your registration form. (4) Pay registration fee by bank deposit or on day 1 of training.

Have You Emailed Your Registration Form? If not, do so. You will receive an email confirmation and location map when we get your registration form in our email inbox.

Your BOSH Training Registration Fee

  • How much is the Registration Fee?
    • P10,080 only (VAT Inclusive). Regular Rate
    • P9,072 only (VAT Inclusive). Group Discounted Rate. Avail this if you are registering a group with 3 or more participants.
    • P9,000 only. Companies in PEZA Area or Philippine Economic Zone Authority Locators. For VAT Exempt Companies.
      • To avail of this rate, you need to show proof, document or certificate.
    • There is no early bird rate.
  • How to pay the Registration Fee?
    • You may pay by cash or check by bank deposit or on day 1 of the training.
    • If paying by check, make it payable to Synerquest Management Consultancy Services, Inc.
    • For bank deposit payment, remit payment to company bank account
      • BPI C/A No. 1991-0088-68  TIN 007-556-397 VAT.  Name: Synerquest Management Consultancy Services, Inc.
      • Scan and email a copy of the deposit slip to and for verification and confirmation of your payment. Bring the original deposit on day 1 of the training.
    • If your company needs an advance invoice to process payment, let us know so we can send you the invoice.
  • Your Registration Fee includes
    • Registration to the Safety Training you registered in.
    • Certificate of Completion. Issued on day 5 of the training. Issued in accordance with BWC-DOLE Standards
      • Sample copy of the BOSH Certificate is provided at the end of this ads. Just scroll down to the bottom of this ads.
    • Training Manual, Free Safety Posters, Safety Presentations, International Papers, OSH Standards on CD
    • Five (5) days. AM Snacks. PM Snacks. Lunch. Free Coffee, Tea, Water.
    • New! Souvenir Token

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements to qualify or to attend these trainings? There is no special requirements. You only need to be willing to learn. No college degree required. No diploma required. Safety training is for all. Safety training is for you.
  • How much is the registration fee? Registration Fee is 10,080. For more details read Step 3 above.
  • How do I get a registration form? Click this for Monday to Friday schedule. Click this for Five (5) Saturdays schedule.
  • Do I need to be a college graduate to be qualified in these safety trainings? The answer is No.
  • Are you going to provide employment? No. We are not a recruitment agency. However, based on our observation, your co-participants in the training can definitely be of help in finding a job or get information on how to get employed. There are even cases that an OFW in your batch will help you. This happened and may still happen.
    • You may opt to send us a softcopy or by email, your updated resume. Some companies contact us for their safety officer needs. Our network of friends and colleagues also contact us when then need safety officers. Thus, we may refer you when a need arises.
  • Are the certificate/s issued accepted abroad? Yes and No. Can you pay on installment? We do not encourage this, but yes, we do allow this for individuals who cannot pay in full. However, you must be fully paid on or before the last day of your training.
    • Yes, because some countries respect the DOLE Accreditation of the trainings.
    • No, because some countries are strict. But most employers of our graduates accept the certificates.
  • Can I be absent in the training for a day? We do not encourage absenteeism in the training since you need to complete the 40 hours. If you cannot attend a day's training due to unavoidable and personal circumstances, please inform us at the earliest or asap so we can keep track of your attendance. In this case, you have to attend the training day you missed on another schedule as a make-up training class so you can be issued a Certificate of Completion.
  • Can somebody attend in my behalf if I cannot make it on the training day? The answer is, No.
  • I am leaving very soon - in few days or weeks - as an OFW. I will already be out of the Philippines with the schedules available. I will just pay the registration fee. My question is, can you issue a Certificate of Completion? The Answer is No.
  • Do you offer safety training online? The Answer is No.
  • Are there accommodation, hotel, etc. near the venue? Yes there is. We will assist you on this, let us know in advance.
  • If I registered in BOSH / COSH and changed my mind on day 1 of the training, can I attend the COSH / BOSH instead? The answer is yes. But you must make sure that you attend the BOSH or COSH on day 1 to day 5. You are not allowed to attend BOSH on day 1, then change to COSH on day 2.
  • What is the difference between COSH and BOSH? There are modules in COSH which is specifically designed for those who are in the Construction. There are also modules in BOSH which are specifically for Non-Construction.
  • Do you assist in processing application for Safety Practitioner accreditation? No. The BOSH or COSH training is a requirement you need to submit to DOLE when you apply. Accreditation application is personal to the individual. We provide advices during the training, this is our way of helping you.
  • Who should attend? President. Chief Executive Officers. CEO. COO. Executives. Officers. Managers. Supervisors. Business Owners. Entrepreneurs. Team Leader. Safety Engineer. Engineer. Member of the Safety Team or Safety Committee. Professors. Teachers. Engineers. OFW. Seaman. Authorized Managing Officer (AMO). Proprietor. General Manager. Plant Manager. Project Manager. Operations Head. Manufacturing Head. Human Resources Manager. Training Manager. Manager. Supervisor. Administration Manager. Facilities Head. Safety Officer. Safety Practitioner. Safety Team Members. Safety Committee Members. Healthcare Professionals. Physician. Doctor. Nurse. Occupational Health Practitioner. Lecturers and those from the Academe. OFW, Overseas Filipino Workers, Interested students are all welcome. You are all welcome to join these DOLE Accredited Safety Training. All are welcome.

Synerquest seeks to be your partner in this Safety and Health Advocacy, Register today for your BOSH COSH or LCM Training. Share this Ads in your Facebook or Twitter Account. Share this ads to your company officers, managers, supervisors, engineers, relatives, friends, kabayan, and network of people who will benefit from the training. Save a life by sharing this safety training. Share this ads.

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Synerquest commits to continually read and study anything related to safety to ensure we deliver to you updated, significant, and relevant training, simply quality. Thank you very much.




If you want an In-house training in your company,
kindly email us your company name, address, your contact name, contact number estimated number of participants, and your preferred date. We shall send you a formal proposal. An in-house training is convenient and economical if your company has 20 participants or more. Fill-up and submit the form below.

If you are outside Metro Manila or NCR, or from the provinces (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao)  and you want a BOSH Training in your place....
You have to organize 25 participants or more so we can conduct the Training in your place. This is also conducted as inhouse Training. Contact us today for more details. Fill-up and submit the form below.

Your BOSH Safety Training Certificate


Mode of Payment
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